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Life Care Planning

A life care plan is a consistent process for analyzing the future needs of individuals affected by a catastrophic injury or chronic illness. It is valuable in providing an estimate of costs associated with the individual's resultant disability and life-long rehabilitation needs.

A life care plan follows a strict methodology set forth by industry standards, which includes a thorough review of the medical records, an interview with the client and/or family, performance of a home safety assessment, consulting with treating providers and experts in the case, and providing evidence-based research and sources of treatment recommendations.

Life care plans are exceptionally valuable in the following cases:

  • spinal cord injuries

  • traumatic brain injuries

  • birth injuries

  • amputations

  • end stage renal failure

  • developmental or psychiatric disabilities

Camdan Consulting has prepared life care plans for the most complex cases on the plaintiff side and rebutted plaintiff plans on the defense side to help mitigate damges. Whichever side you're on, we can help!

IME/DME Attendance

An independent medical exam, IME, can also be referred to as a DME. This physician exam can have a significant impact on your client's case. 

Having a nurse attend the exam and provide a detailed observation report helps to ensure an unbiased and honest examination. Our client's have expressed their gratitude for our presence; for providing that advocacy and support many do not get with this often unsettling experience.

Our observation report is useful to identify any potential discrepancies between the actual exam and what transpired during the exam process versus what the physician documented in his/her IME report. 


We have been able to audio record exams when it has been agreed upon by both counsels. Even without a recording, we take pride in the detail that we provide in our observation reports. 

Legal Nurse Consulting

In today's healthcare setting, the services that a legal nurse consultant can offer are critical in the entire litigation process, from medical record organization and summarization to the completion of detailed medical record chronologies and timelines!

Developing a clear, concise, and accurate medical record chronology can be quite challenging. This is one of our specialty services that we just love to do.  Rely on us to produce a comprehensive review of the medical records in an accessible chronology with hyperlinks to the actual documents. 

Legal nurse consultants help

attorneys and other legal professionals to understand and analyze complex medical data encountered in medical-related cases. 

Some of these valuable services include:

  • defining standards of care in medical malpractice cases, which is essential in cases related to medication errors, delayed diagnosis, surgical mistakes, to name a few

  • screening cases for merit

  • locating and interfacing with expert witnesses 

  • organizing the often mound of medical records associated with medically-related litigation

  • evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a case

  • and more!

Medical Cost Projections

A medical cost projection can be thought of as a "mini" life care plan. It is utilized for non-catastrophic or "self-limiting" types of injuries. These reports will outline the future cost of care for less acute injuries or illnesses. 

Cases that are appropriate for a medical cost projection may not have as extensive long-term rehabilitation needs, but can still be somewhat complex in relation to the type of injury or illness. 

Medical cost projections, like life care plans, require physician supported recommendations for future care and can be testified to in a court of law. 

Our Proprietary Service: 
Concentrated Cost Estimate

A concentrated cost estimate, a term coined by Camdan Consulting, provides a concise estimate of medical costs related to a specific client need such as a surgery and its immediate rehabilitative needs.

A typical case warranting a concentrated cost estimate would be a client with a shoulder injury requiring surgical repair. We can narrow down costs related to this particular procedure and the typical post-operative protocols. 

Since physician support for cost estimates within the report is not usually obtained, these brief reports are only used for mediations and demand packages.

A concentrated cost estimate is for consulting purposes only. It is not suited for deposition or trial testimony. 



I've been humbled and privileged to receive the most amazing compliments from my attorney clients, including the ones that say they are very impressed with my work product and will continue to work with me and refer me to their colleagues. That means the world to me! My vision for Camdan Consulting, LLC is to  continue to build upon these well-established and strong business relationships to grow this company into one of the most relevant and prestigious resources for litigation support services in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. 

- Dana Bissontz, MS, BSN, RN, CLCP




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Ms. Bissontz brings over 25 years of nursing knowledge and experience to the table to provide exceptional work product to her attorney clients. Her varied nursing career includes work in the areas of emergency nursing, correctional nursing, home care and nursing home nursing, cardiology and cardiac operating room, workers compensation case management, legal nurse consulting, and life care planning. She has been providing medical legal services for over 15 of those years!

Ms. Bissontz provides valuable insight to many types of medical cases including medical malpractice, personal injury, products liability and even criminal cases!

Ms. Bissontz was instrumental in assisting an attorney client to obtain a $4.2 million dollar settlement for their 21 year old client who experienced a delay in the diagnosis of renal failure beginning at just 18 months old. She ultimately underwent a live donor transplant and will likely require a second transplant sometime in her lifetime.  

Rely on the services that are most requested by attorneys in the Pittsburgh area for the best outcomes for your clients!


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